Most Viewed products

Most Viewed
“Most Viewed” is a light-weight simple module that shows the products that were viewed most. In this way an you can showcase some of your products to users, and the best part is you can choose which product you want showcase in the “Most Viewed” i.e. you can choose which products will be displayed in the “Most Viewed” section. Place this module anywhere and show customers your most viewed products.

Features –
Define which layout the module will be displayed
Define the position in which the module will be displayed on the page
Enabled / Disable the module
Define the limit to the amount of products to be displayed
Display of certain elements f :
Product Image
Product Name
Product Price
Product Rating
Add To Cart Button

FAQ – Admin Configuration
After the successful installation of the module, the admin will be able to configure the Most Viewed module for use. Admin can do following settings-

Enable/Disable the Most Viewed module.
Add/Update the Limits of the products.

FAQ on website
The Most Viewed system will be visible on the website front-end after making the layout setting for the Most Viewed module. The customers will be able to see a beautiful Most Viewed on the website.

Customer can easily view the Most Viewed on the front end.
[*]Customer can easily click on the Most Viewed of their interest to see the product.